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Membership is free and you must read and accept terms of service.
How do I make changes after making an ID?
You can use our change menu under personal information to make changes.
What is TOEFL?
TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) was developed by ETS Educational Testing Service to test nonnative speakers of English. Many of them need minimum passing TOEFL score to be eligible to enter hundreds of universities in English speaking countries like the U.S., Canada, Australia, U.K., and New Zealand. It tests how well you read, listen, speak, and write in English - combination of skills that are needed to be successful in universities.

ETS (Educational Testing Service) is a non-profit testing developing center created in 1947 with headquarters located in Princeton, NJ, USA. ETS develops and administers many tests including, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, AP, and TOEIC. It does not determine whether students pass or fail; ETS only assesses student ability level.
Difference between PBT, CBT, iBT?
Category Reading, Listening,
Speaking, Writing
Listening, Structure,
Reading, Writing
Listening, Structure,
Reading, Writing
Test Hours 4 3.5 3
Memo Possible X X
Computer Tutorials - O -
Computer Adaptive - Listening, Structure only -
Reading 3~5 Scripts
App. 700 words
12~14 questions per script
Test time 60~100 minutes
4~5 Scripts
App. 250~350 words
11 questions per script
Test time 70~90 minutes
5 Scripts
App. 250~350 words
10 questions per script
Test time 55 minutes
Listening 4~6 Lectures
3~5 minutes, 6 questions per each/
2~3 conversations
3 minutes, 5 questions/
Test time 60~90 minutes
11~17 dialogues
1 short question per each/
2~3 conversations, 1 minute, 2~3 questions per each/
4~6 Lectures, 2 minutes, 3~6 questions each/
Test time 40~60 Minutes
3~4 Mini-Talks
60~90 seconds, 3~5 questions each/
2~3 Extended Conversations
60~90 seconds, 3~5 questions each/
30~40 Dialogues,
5~15 seconds, 1 question each/
Test time 30~40 Minutes
Speaking 2 Integrated
4 Independent
Test time 20 Minutes
- -
Writing 1 Integrated
1 Independent
Test time 50 Minutes
1 Independent
Test time 30 Minutes
1 Independent
Test time 30 Minutes
Structure (Grammar) N/A 20~25 Questions
15~20 Minutes
40 Questions
25 Minutes
Total Points 0~120 0~300 310~677
What is was iBT created?
iBT is an internet-based test TOEFL test. Launched in September 2005, it eliminated structure and added speaking section. The test is administered on same test date world-wide. The reason behind the quick transition from PBT to CBT to now iBT was because many of the high scorers did not fare well in classrooms of English speaking colleges and universities. Consequently, higher educational institutions started requesting a better assessment tool that closely resembles actual learning environment in colleges and universities.
What are the two questions on writing section?
There are two types of questions on iBT writing section. First question is "read, listen, and write (summarize)". Second question is similar to the writing section on CBT.

Q1. Integrated Writing - you read a passage for 3 minutes, listen to related lecture for 2 minutes, then given a response question. You are typically asked to summarize lecture and explain details by writing. After reading the passage, you are not allowed to view it during the lecture. However, once lecture ends, you can use it as a reference to answer question. Total writing time is 20 minutes and you are asked to write about 150~225 word essay.

Q2. Independent Writing - Similar to the TWE section on CBT, you are asked to write about 300 word essay based on a given topic. Essay topics are expected to be similar to the original 185 topics.
Degree of difficulty?
There are three types of tests arranged by its difficulty level. They are 'Beginner', 'Intermediate' and 'Advanced'. There are two types of test for Advanced - "full" and "short".
How many test sets do you have?
We currently have 40 total test sets. They are Beginner - 5 Sets, Intermediate - 7 Sets, Advanced (Full) - 14 Sets, and Advanced (Short) - 14 Sets.
Is there an expiration date for a practice test?
After you purchase a test, you have 1 month to complete it.
What if I forgot what version test I took?
'All FinaliBT.com' online practice tests are assigned a unique code. You can view your version on test history page.
Would it be possible to retake FinaliBT practice test?
No, you can only take it once. If you want to retake the test, you have to repurchase the test.
How long does it take to score a test?
It takes about 3~4 business days for short versions and 4~6 business days to complete scoring for full versions.
Can I obtain a hard copy of FinaliBT's scoring report?
Yes, you can print any scoring report.
How do you score tests?
Reading and listening sections are automatically scored while speaking and writing sections are processed and scored by qualified and trained examiners at our scoring center.
What is the grading scale of writing section?
The two questions are graded on 0~5 point scale and its average is converted to 0~30 total points for writing section. Examiners grade on writing abilities (sentence transition, structure, grammar, and correct use of vocabulary) as well as answer completion and content.
What is the grading scale of speaking section?
6 different sections are graded on 0~4 point scale and then converted to 0~30 total points for speaking section. Examiners score on topic development, delivery, and language use.
What are the technical requirements to run FinaliBT tests?
One full version Test- 20MB
Requirements - Windows 98 / Internet Explorer 6.0 / DirectX 8.0 Sound card, microphone and HDD 250 MB, RAM 1GB Pentium single core
Recommended - Windows XP / Internet Explorer 6.0 / DirectX 9.0 HDD 1GB, RAM 1GB Pentium Dual Core
I use Apple Mac. Can I use it to take a practice test on FinaliBT?
No, we do not support Mac computers at this time.
What happens when my test gets interrupted and I'm unable to complete it?
If for whatever reason your computer shuts down or your test is interrupted, you may log in again and continue to take the test where you left off.
How do I check microphone?
We provide you with an easy tool to check your microphone. Go to the "check system" on your log-in page. Clicking on above link allows you to verify your system's compatibility with the FinaliBT.com site.
What is the time it takes to complete practice test on FinaliBT?
It depends on type of version. Advanced full version takes about 4 hours while short version takes about 2 hours.